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Computer Crimes Defense

The Law Offices of Joseph A. Simon aggressively defends computer crimes in Washtenaw County, including Ann Arbor, Saline, Chelsea, Ypsilanti, Ypsilanti Township and the surrounding counties of Lenawee, Livingston, Jackson, and Wayne.

Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney, Joseph A. Simon

Despite the white hair, Joseph A. Simon has a surprising and extensive command of computers, internet protocols, tablets, smart phones and other devices.  In fact, Mr. Simon authored Michigan Automated Sentencing Guidelines© the software utilized by all probation agents throughout the State of Michigan.  Prosecutors have police forensic examiners and tremendous technological resources at their disposal.  A strong, capable, and knowledgeable defense attorney can often be the only equalizer.

Computer Crimes can include the creation and distribution of unlawful material including, but not limited to, false identification, child sexually abusive material, capturing and/or distributing illicit images, sexting, cyber bullying, cyber theft and cyber fraud.  Computer Crimes can range from misdemeanors to very serious felony charges.

Defending computer crimes requires an understanding of how digital information is created, distributed and stored.  Joseph A. Simon’s knowledge of computer forensics is perhaps your best ally if you or a loved one are charged with a computer crime in Washtenaw, Wayne, Jackson, Livingston, or Lenawee County.  Contact our firm at (734) 887-6200 to see why so many people charged or investigated for computer crimes have chosen Mr. Simon to be their defense attorney and protector of their freedom and reputation.

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