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Joseph A. Simon, Criminal Defense Attorney

“His cross-examination is unreal.  His ability to see two steps ahead is magical to watch.” - Client’s parent
“He was a mastermind of how to bring about the truth… He was able to protect my child’s reputation.” - Client’s parent
“There isn’t a more well-prepared attorney I’ve ever seen... He puts the same care into a drunk driving case as he does a capital case.” - Retired Judge
“Mr. Simon proved to be an outstanding attorney who has a clear grasp of the law as well as the court system.” - Client’s husband
“Joe went above and beyond our expectations as a counselor. He was instrumental in protecting my son's reputation both in and outside the courthouse.” - Client’s parent
“Joe Simon is AMAZING. As a parent of a son who was facing the scariest time in his life, Joe came highly recommended and exceeded all expectations.” - Client’s parent
“Simon is one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Ann Arbor, say his peers” - Ann Arbor Observer
“Mr. Simon and his office resources will do everything in the power of the law to take your case on and offer the best possible outcome.” - Past client
Ann Arbor Criminal Defense Attorney, Joseph A. Simon

The Law Offices of Joseph A. Simon

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

For over 30 years, Joseph A. Simon has been serving Washtenaw, Wayne, Jackson, Livingston, and Lenawee Counties in the following practice areas:

Assault Crimes

The “ladder” of Assault charges in Michigan range from misdemeanor Simple Assault and/or Assault and Battery up to capital charges punishable by up to life in prison.  These include:

  • Simple Assault and/or Assault and Battery
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Felonious Assault (Assault with a dangerous weapon)
  • Assault with Intent to Commit Great Bodily Harm
  • Assault by Strangulation
  • Assault with Intent to Commit Murder

All Assault charges are aggressively investigated by police, sometimes with mandatory arrest protocols, and are vigorously prosecuted.  An experienced, seasoned, and strong defense is the best answer to these charges.  For over 30 years, Joseph A. Simon has been helping persons charged with Assault crimes protect their freedom, reputation and future goals.

Breaking & Entering/Home Invasion

Stemming from the common law crime of Burglary, Breaking and Entering can be a serious a felony in Michigan.  If the property alleged to have been entered is a dwelling, Breaking and Entering is charged as “Home Invasion” carrying potential maximum penalties of up to 20 years in prison.  An attorney’s experience and reputation are the best answer to such serious charges.  Contact Joseph A. Simon at (734) 887-6200.

College Crimes

Our office is located across the street from the University of Michigan Football Stadium.  Representing college students is a significant part of our practice.  The college environment can sometimes lead to indiscretion and bad judgment.  It can also lead to being in the wrong place at the wrong time or being wrongfully accused of a crime.  For over 30 years, Joseph A. Simon has been helping college students protect their future and their academic and career goals.

Computer Crimes

Don’t let the white hair fool you, Joseph A. Simon has a surprising and extensive command of computers, internet protocols, tablets,internet stings defense ann arbor mi smart phones and other devices.  In fact, Mr. Simon authored the Michigan Automated Sentencing Guidelines© software which is utilized by all probation agents throughout the State of Michigan.  Prosecutors have police forensic examiners and tremendous technology resources at their disposal.  A strong, capable, and knowledgeable defense attorney can often be the only equalizer.

Criminal Sexual Conduct

Criminal Sexual Conduct is one of the most serious allegations that can be levied against a person in Michigan with possible penalties ranging from two years to life imprisonment.  Some statutes mandate incarceration and Sex Offender registration.  Others carry mandatory minimum prison sanctions of 25 years.   Persons facing Criminal Sexual Conduct allegations or charges should look to only the most experienced criminal defense attorneys.  Joseph A. Simon has been defending these allegations for more than 30 years with a proven record of success.

Drug Offenses

Drug offenses in Michigan range from misdemeanors to serious felonies with collateral consequences including driver license sanctions and possible deportation for non-US citizens.  In over 30 years of criminal defense practice, Joseph A. Simon has helped thousands of persons charged with drug offenses, aggressively challenging illegal searches and seizures, unlawful arrests, and selective enforcement of laws.  Our office defends drug charges for possession, manufacture, and delivery/distribution.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is an assault that is alleged to have occurred between persons who have a domestic relationship.  This charge is pursued vigorously by prosecutors, often despite the wishes of a complaining witness.  Domestic Violence can range from misdemeanor to felony charges, each carrying not only their substantive penalties, but also possible collateral consequences, affecting rights to own or possess firearms and the ability of non-citizens to remain in the United States.  Put Joseph A. Simon’s 30-plus years of experience in defending Domestic Violence charges to work for you.

Drunk Driving DUI/OWI

Michigan prosecutions for driving under the influence are “Operating While Intoxicated” or “OWI” prosecutions.  Generally, charges for OWI can be brought for operating a motor vehicle in a place generally open to the public with either a blood alcohol level of .08 or greater or if alcohol has materially and substantially affected a motorist’s ability to operate a vehicle in a normal manner.  Most people don’t realize the harsh consequences that can result from an OWI conviction.  These convictions are not eligible for first- offender deferred judgment programs and remain on a person’s record forever.  Driver license sanctions include suspensions, driver responsibility fees, and points assessed against a master driving record.

Repeat offenses are severely punished with the possibility of vehicle immobilization and/or forfeiture, and in some instances, mandatory jail sentences. Since 2007, a person charged with a 3rd or subsequent offense in their lifetime can be charged with a felony.  The Law Offices of Joseph A. Simon defends these cases throughout Washtenaw County, including Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Saline, Ypsilanti, Ypsilanti Township and all neighboring counties in Southeast Michigan.

Homicide Offenses

Persons facing homicide charges should look to only the most experienced criminal defense attorneys. Homicide offenses include Murder, Voluntary and Involuntary Manslaughter, and Vehicular Homicide such as Drunk Driving (OWI) Resulting in Death, and Moving Violation resulting in Death.  If you or a loved one face homicide charges in Southeast Michigan, put Joseph A. Simon’s 30-plus years of experience in defending homicide cases to work for you.

Police Investigations

Sometimes the best defense to a criminal charge comes before charges are even turned over to the prosecuting attorney for review.  Just as medical health professionals advise that early intervention is often the key to successful recovery, if you or a loved one is contacted by the police regarding an investigation for a crime, seeking the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney may be the most important call you can make.  Contact Joseph A. Simon at (734) 887-6200.


A criminal record can prevent job and housing opportunities, student loan approval, acceptance to schools and universities, and more.  In many cases, following a mandatory waiting period, generally 5 years after your last day of probation, or discharge of parole, a court can set aside a criminal conviction, or “expunge” it.  If granted, the previous conviction is set aside, removed from public record, and a person can honestly say they have not been convicted of a crime. Getting a conviction expunged can be a complex process, but our office can guide you through it.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas


Assault/Assault and Battery

Breaking and Entering


Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW)

Child Abuse

College Crimes

Computer Crimes


Criminal Sexual Conduct

Domestic Assault/Domestic Violence

Driving Offenses

Drunk Driving (OWI)


Expungement of Records


False Pretenses

Financial Transaction Device Charges

Fleeing/Eluding Police


Home Invasion

Homicide Offenses/Murder/Manslaughter

Internet Crimes

Juvenile Crimes

Malicious Destruction of Property

Moving Violation Resulting in Death/Serious Injury

Narcotics/Drug Offenses

Police Investigations

Resisting and/or Opposing the Police

Retail Fraud (shoplifting)

Traffic Offenses

Weapons Offenses

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